A shopper’s dream

Rummaging through bargain bins to find your size (and failing), queuing to try something on and then the sad realisation that it doesn’t even fit. It’s every shopper’s nightmare. But don’t panic. Our fashion connect concept couldn’t be more different. We’ve thought of everything the style-conscious shopper desires, including a bright, spacious trend floor showcasing the latest looks, an app that guides you through your shopping experience, and our lovely fashion assistants waiting in the wings to offer help and advice if you need it. Perfect.


Our Trend Floor

Browse the latest looks for style inspo on our trend floor. Regular updates and exciting new trends make shopping an unforgettable experience. 

Our Fashion Bar

Enjoy a refreshing drink, style bulletins and a relaxed vibe in our hang-out area before you head to the fitting rooms. 

Our Fitting Rooms

With touch screen digital service and the option to select your preferred lighting, our fitting rooms make trying on clothes fun. 

Our Check-Out

Check-out quickly and easily using your preferred payment method. Choose between our self check-out points, paying via the app or a real person at the tills.  

It’s completely unique!

One thing you’ll notice straight away is that there are no discount bins. Our fashion connect store is not designed for bargain hunters. It’s for fashion lovers. And it’s unlike any other shop you’ve visited before. 

Our trend floor showcases the latest looks so you can browse before you shop. We don’t believe in cramming clothes in. Every item is given enough space for you to take a proper look. Enough space to inspire you. When you see something you like, scan the QR code, select your size and add it to your digital shopping bag. Your order is then sent off to be picked so it’s ready for you to try on in one of our generous, digitalised fitting rooms. Hang on – what? Yes, you read that correctly. It’s like magic. Pop in and see for yourself. 

It’s fresh!

While the items in your shopping bag make their way to your reserved fitting room, you can head to the store’s next hot spot – our fashion bar. Relax with a cool drink while watching our style bulletins. There’s even a catwalk audio to get you in the mood for your own private fashion show in the fitting room area. That sweet sense of anticipation? It really suits you. 

Room Service

Feel like a celebrity when you walk into a fitting room to find the items you chose in-store all hanging there neatly. Select your preferred mood lighting (yes, really) and let the fashion show begin.

Need a larger or smaller size? Stay right there. You can use the touch screen in your fitting room to order another size. Our friendly fashion assistants are 100% non-digital and they’re ready to help in any way they can, so call them if you need assistance. Once you’ve finished, take the items you want with you and leave the rejects behind. We’ll take care of the rest.

Easy Going

The bonprix app makes life so much easier, especially in our fashion connect store. Don’t want to queue to pay? Put the items you want in a bonprix bag, select PayPal as your payment method and away you go. Without setting off the store alarm. Really? Yes, really.