Any Questions?

Do I need a different app to shop at the fashion connect store in Hamburg?

No, the latest version of our app is all you need to kick-start your shopping experience 2.0.

What happens to my personal information when I use your digital in-store services?

Don’t worry. We’re committed to protecting your privacy and handle all data in accordance with data protection legislation. 

Can I have my parcel delivered to the fashion connect store?

Absolutely. Simply select our Hamburg store address in the delivery options and pick up your goods from the Click & Collect station when it suits you.

How can I pay? 

The easiest way using your phone is with PayPal. Alternatively, head to one of our check-out terminals to pay cash or use a debit or credit card. Whatever you prefer.

When I visit the fashion connect store, can I purchase things without trying them on first?

Of course you can. Use our dedicated fast lane if you’re in a hurry.

What items can I return to the fashion connect store?

You can return all of our goods to the fashion connect store. However, at the moment we can only issue cash refunds.

Will all of your stores be converted so they’re like the fashion connect store in Hamburg? 

No, our store in Hamburg is the only one offering an online experience.


Any questions we haven’t answered? Head to our bonprix site or contact us here. No matter how trivial your query may seem, we’re happy to help.